About me

I'm Diogo, product designer with experience in both digital and industrial areas, as well as branding and graphic design. I've been designing products and interfaces for 8+ years now, with nearly 12 years of design to market experience in total. Some knowledge and skills:

  • Experienced in the whole design process, from discovery, insight generation and prioritization based on research data, creative synthesis of both user, brand and business needs, user testing, hand-off to development and the whole iteration.
  • Collaborative / Team-player, keen to connect areas and share knowledge to deliver value to both clients and stakeholders.
  • Design-ops experience, consolidating Design Systems and tech specifications.
  • Advanced level in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma;
  • Prototyping with Protopie, Adobe XD, InvisionApp, Framer;
  • Web design with HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery, WordPress and frameworks.

more about me: